LAB is the ‘Laboratory for Architecture and Building’ by Maurer United. It was founded to initiate cultural experiments and innovative projects in the fields of spatial art, design, technology and planning.


The New Regional Bauhaus is an initiative of RWTH Aachen Lehrstuhl und Institut für Städtebau. It is located at the city center of Heerlen in the Netherlands. Here, international students work on regional plans, concerning the cross-border region around southern Dutch Limburg.

ILL Exhibition

The International Learning Lab exhibited its works at Maastricht Bureau Europa. The library room was filled with drawings and models produced by young creatives participating the ILL programme. The exhibition took place from 01-09 to 12-11-2024 and welcomed many vistors during this period.


Marc Maurer gave a lecture for architecture students of the University of Liège. The students took part in an excursion in Southern Dutch Limburg and were welcomed at the Maastricht Institute of Arts. The beautiful auditorium, designed by Wiel Arets, provided the backdrop for the presentation.


During an excursion to the Ruhrgebiet in German North Rhine-Westphalia, ILL participants visited the Zeche Zollverein and other impressive locations at Germany’s largest indurial zone. Here, Holger Hoffschröer of RHA-planer explains about the industrial heritage and its surroundings.


During the trip to Essen excursion, ILL participants made a stop at the Indemann Watchtower in Germany. This landmark in the shape of 36 meters high steel robot attracts many visitors. Here, architect Nicole Maurer explained the proces and design of the eccentric watchtower.


ILL participants went together with a group of international students from the RWTH Aachen to visit Amsterdam West, a part of the dutch capital city mainly built after the second world war. Modernistic urban planning formed an inspiration to deal with their design task in Heerlen-Noord.


During the excursion to Amsterdam, ILL participants made a stop at the Amsterdam Van Eesteren Museum, that tells a broad and current story about urban planning in the Netherlands. Here, director Jorn Konijn is explaining about the history and unique spot of the museum and its surroundings.


ILL participants (from ZUYD Communication and Multimedia Design) produced their own ILL promotion video. This teaser was developed for social media and shows the particpants working at the studio of Maurer United at the Maastricht Jan van Eyck Academie. The production required one week of filming and editing.


During their stay at ILL, participants also make use of all the facilities of the Maastricht Jan van Eyck Academie – one of our close partners.  Here, the young talents expore the Future Materials Lab. The building also hosts a library, café, wood and steel lab, photo lab, audio and video lab, printing and publishing lab, etc.