ILL gives its participants a glimpse into the world of the creative industry. Who works in this industry and how do you get into it? Experts and insiders share their experiences through profile videos.

Xavier Jongen

He is a investor. 

Robert Hogeboom

He is a marketing communications specialist. 

Rob Van Der Wijst

He is an urbanist. 

Peggy van Sebillen

She is a museum deputy director. 

Nicole Maurer Lemmens

She is a Dutch architect and urbanist.

Marcel van Kasteren

He is an entrepreneurial advisor.

Marc Maurer

He is a architect and artist. 

Maike Schlick

She is a german architect. 

Jorn Konijn

He is a museum director.

Jeroen Verbeek

He is a landscape architect.

Jaco Meuwissen

He is a project developer. 

Doenja Urlings

She is a process supervisor. 

Deborah Holthuizen

She is a belgium architect.

Boy Bastiaens

He is a graphic designer and illustrator.

Gay Jongen

He is an interior architect.

Giulia Bellinetti

She runs a Future Materials Lab.

Margriet Thissen

She is a passionate textile printer.

Annika Frencken

She is architect working at Maurer United.

Gaston Gelissen

He works at the municipality of Heerlen.

Arvid Jense

He works at the Materials Matter Lab.

Raf Meijers

He is a writer.

Petra Muijrers

She is a teacher.

Ron Bernstein

He specializes in woodworking.

Mathea Severeijns

She is an urban planner.


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